Lock and key couple necklace

Bring a little luck into your relationship with the Lock and Key Couple Necklace.

Its two symbols: the clover and the lock will help you to bring good values to your couple: solidity and luck. 

  • Delivered by 2
  • The ball chain (50 cm) is made of stainless alloy for maximum resistance.
  • The pendants (3.2x2.2 cm for men & 2.1x1.6 cm for women) are also made of stainless aluminum.

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The best lock and key necklace set for couples

The symbol of the Lock and the Key shows that you want to bring a lot of stability and solidity to your couple. A sentiment that will be appreciated by your other half, so this Couple Necklaces will be welcomed.
In addition to these two values, the clover being the symbol of luck will bring the lucky star above your couple.