Yin yang couple necklace


The two forces are represented in this Yin Yang Necklace for Couple. On one side the female force, the yin and on the other the male force, the yang.

The perfect yin and yang couple necklace for couples who complement each other, this complementarity translating into the connection between Yin and Yang. Symbolized this with the help of Couple Necklaces of great quality and strength.

  • Delivered by 2 for your couple
  • The ball chains (45 cm) are made of leather (black or brown). The leather having an exceptional resistance and solidity.
  • The pendants are also in stainless steel 2.8*1.5 cm

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The perfect couple necklaces yin yang to show your love

Although the yin and yang symbol is mostly present in the field of spirituality, this symbol also shows the beautiful virtues of love.