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Couple Necklaces

The most beautiful Couple Necklaces are on My Couple Goal, a collection dedicated to this beautiful jewel that you can now wear for two. An original gift idea that will be greatly appreciated by your other half. 

This is a collection that is perfect for couples looking for a little extra in their relationship. Our necklaces will share your love in a physical way, bringing it to life. It's a great way to overcome long distance relationships, but also to share your moments in a more bonded way. 

Why you should buy Couple Necklaces?

  • To be fashionable :

Couple Jewelry has always been in fashion, especially necklaces. Thousands of years ago, people were already wearing beautiful Couple necklaces. They were designed in different ways and with different materials. For example, we could find necklaces made of bones, stones and precious stones.

Necklace became a key accessory in the clothing. It was 3 millennia before J.C (Ancient Egypt) that the necklaces became more aesthetic, with the search for new techniques of polishing. And since then, the necklace does not cease to follow us in our everyday life. It has become a real fashion accessory. There are now an infinite number of different models and designs. We even match it now with our clothing style and also with the shape of our face. Everyone today wears, or has worn in his life a necklace.

  • Show your Love:

This is where the couple pendant plays its main role. Giving a piece of jewelry to your soul mate and more specifically a necklace means many things. Firstly, most people love receiving and giving gifts, and even more so when it's from someone you love. But when it's for your significant other, it turns out that another meaning is in order.

One of the most popular couple gifts: couple necklaces

You have understood it is indeed the fact of proving your love and your feelings towards the person you love. It is more simple for a person to show his affection towards the other one by making him a gift, and it is also more original. The message that is passed is therefore to say an "I love you", but with a more discreet and original way. It is a real declaration of love that we have here. The fact of choosing a jewel is also a very strong sign. Indeed, you can also offer him either a couple bracelet or a ring. The ring is more focused on the commitment side of one to the other. But for people who spend more time and have more trouble finding a piece of jewelry like our matching necklaces for couples for example, are real courageous. Indeed, the fact of searching is as important as the necklace itself. In any case, giving a gift to the person you love is the best way to represent the bond between the two lovers. It will accompany you throughout your life and your day. It is a good way to remember that no matter where you are, your other half is thinking of you.

couple necklaces

How to buy a Couple Necklace set?

In My Couple Goal, we offer you the best matching necklaces for couples. You will find a wide range of dozens of different products, with hearts for example for the most romantic or with your initials among others. You will of course find on each model a woman's necklace and a man's necklace that have both form the pair. Any occasion may be appropriate to offer our couple necklace, such as Valentine's Day, an anniversary or simply for the pleasure of giving. In addition to that, there is for all budgets. 

My Couple Goal has one of the most extensive catalogs of accessories, clothing and jewelry for couples, and has been one of the leading references for couples in the US for years. Our team of experts will help you make the right choice, so don't hesitate to contact us and ask us any questions you may have about your couple and the gift you would like to give to your loved one, we will be happy to help you.

The different models of cute couples necklaces:

There are indeed many necklaces that will fit in your couple. There are necklaces that have a design that match and are in the same theme, but also necklaces that go even further in the concept of couple, as our interlocking couples necklaces and our magnetic necklaces. These two types of models are extremely appreciated by our customers, since they are the perfect way to share their love in a physical way. They will be a great help when you are at a distance from each other, and you can mark your reunion by hanging them on each other, giving your reunion a whole new dimension. Then in addition to these different features, there are also promise necklaces known for their designs, powerful and striking symbols for a couple seeking consolidation. 

  • Lock and key Couple Necklace: a padlock for one and a key for the other. You both have a part, to show that your love and your feelings towards each other are well sealed. A very nice way to show your attachment.
  • Couple Heart Necklace: here there are two models of heart. Either one necklace each, where there is a heart on each of them, or the two necklaces that both have half a heart. This last model when put next to each other forms the real heart. Here also it is a way to seal his love.
  • Puzzle Piece Necklace for Couples: there, two pendants in the form of a puzzle are assigned to each of the necklaces. As you can see, these two necklaces fit together. When you are not together, you will miss the centerpiece to form one. A nice piece of jewelry.
  • Love Necklace for Couples: this model has strong similarities with the heart couple necklace. Indeed, it also has a heart pendant. Its purpose? To show that you care about each other forever.
  • Initial Couple Necklaces

We do everything in our wide range to make sure you find the necklace you need. And best of all, our prices are unbeatable. We want to be your favorite online Couple jewelry store. Discover our brand-new collection, the Couple Rings.

puzzle necklaces

Where to buy a couple necklaces? 

As we have seen before, couple necklaces are a very important gesture within a couple. It is thus necessary to choose the good place to make the acquisition of it. Many jewelry stores offer a collection of couples jewelry, however they are not specialized in couples. So we recommend you to pick one of these stores specialized in couples, why? Because they have helped thousands of couples before, know their needs, their problems and how to solve them. My Couple Goal has helped many couples develop their relationships with quality gifts that last. In this collection, you will find beautiful couple necklaces that can become a pillar of your relationship. Such a significant gesture must be well done, that's why we are engaged to accompany you in your choice and to continue to improve our collections as well as our site.

How to choose a couple necklace?

To choose them at best, two factors are to be taken into account.

  • The materials

Most of our necklaces are made and designed from several materials. Most often, the chains (or ball chains) of the necklace are made from stainless steel or zirconium. For the pendants, it's the same thing, they are also designed with stainless steel or zirconium. Nevertheless, you can find different colors like: gold, rose gold or silver. Some of our jewelry can be made of 925 sterling silver. You will find in the description of each model the materials used.

  • The size

Regarding the size, our store offers different lengths of chain. Indeed, some people like choker necklaces, while others prefer "loose" necklaces. In any case, you will find the one you are looking for.

How to wear Couple necklaces?

To wear our necklaces for couples, several aspects are to be taken into account. First, it is the shape of your clothes. If you are wearing a small top or crop top then a choker will work best. If you're wearing a large V-neckline, then a long necklace will work well for you. You will also need to match your necklace with other jewelry, if you wear any. On the other hand, your necklace is not necessarily supposed to be the same color as your clothes or other jewelry.

Secondly, it all depends on the occasion for which you are wearing your necklace. If it is to be with your other half, then it will surely be more suitable to put a matching necklace like the puzzle necklace. Or if you are without her, wear an initial necklace so that you always have a part of your other half with you.

You are now ready to offer the best for you and your other half. matching couple necklace