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Whether it is for an anniversary, Valentine's Day or simply the pleasure of giving, they are made for you. A timeless collection of rings for couples that will bring you love and sincerity around your couple. A great way to give a physical aspect to your love.

Meaning of the couple rings

For thousands of years, lovers have been giving each other couple jewelry. Already in Roman times, couples proudly displayed their rings, necklaces or bracelets. If a couple wears a ring that is similar, it is not new, it is simply timeless.

Prove the love you have for your other half with our couples rings. Whether it is a woman's ring or a man's ring. Sublimate your fingers! It's a great way to show your significant other how you feel about them. The fact of receiving a jewel and more particularly a ring makes feel a joy and is a true proof of love. The ring is often connoted as a particularly strong sign. It often refers in people's minds to engagement or marriage. It is therefore a jewel with a strong importance in the eyes of lovers and couples who love each other.

Couple rings set are Fashionable:

In addition to being an excellent proof of love, the couple rings set is also a great fashion accessory. Even 21,000 years before Christ (when the first rings were discovered), this jewel was already an accessory that people wore. Over the centuries, the ring became a mark of social status, reserved at the time for the elite. For example, one of the most famous was that of the pharaoh Ramses.

Nowadays, the ring has been democratized. We can wear several at the same time, change according to the activity or the occasion. It is more and more trendy and in particular: the matching rings for couples.

With the era of social networks, many famous personalities have made the choice of the matching ring. It has even become a real fashion abroad, and especially in France and America. The fact of being matched as a couple has become a real fashion. Whether it's couple clothes like t-shirts or sweatshirts, or jewelry that remains more discreet like necklaces, bracelets and of course the ring. It has become a real look in its own right.

couple rings

The different models of matching rings for couples available

  • Materials used:

Our models are available for both men and womenMy Couple Goal has many models for your duo. Rings in silver, steel, and zirconium. But also in several colors like gold-plated, white gold, rose gold or gold.

If you are looking for diamond rings, gold rings with a maximum of carats or a solitaire, we advise you to go to a jewelry store.

  • The different models:

As you can see, we have dozens and dozens of different models available to you within our extensive collection. Whether it's a gold ring for women or a silver ring for men, you're bound to find one that fits perfectly around your fingers. The different models offered are :

  • King and queen rings for couples: often sought after by lovers, which means you are the king or queen.
  • Heart promise rings for couples: either with a heart on each ring, or with half a heart per ring that when assembled form a heart.
  • Couple ring Message: there is something written on the ring such as I Love You.
  • Infinity couple ring: this is a pattern, often a line, that never ends or simply the infinite logo.
  • Crown rings for couples: either with the motif directly engraved on the ring or the crown that forms the ring itself.
  • Couple Rings Heartbeat

With this, you will be sure to have a real sparkle. Whether it is a woman's ring or a man's ring.

How to offer a ring for couple ?

  • For different occasions:

The most important is the intention of the person giving them. A wedding ring is not the same as a promise ring. The importance of a couple's ring is the pledge of fidelity and devotion you have to your partner. This piece of jewelry is usually the antecedent to the engagement ring, but its significance goes beyond that: it is based on the fact that the love of your life will be your partner forever. And while the material is not important, the couple ring helps you feel palpably close to the love of your life.

It's as simple as that. Through a heart, an infinity sign or a diamond that completes the design, your couple's ring can become that legendary piece of jewelry that will give another meaning to your relationship. It is therefore not necessarily during a marriage proposal (where you pass the wedding rings to the left hand) that you can offer this beautiful ring. If you want more inspirations, you can also find our beautiful collection of Matching Couple Jewelries.

couple ring

When to offer a couple ring ?

This one can be offered for different occasions. Do you want to mark the occasion of Valentine's Day? This jewel will certainly go best with a restaurant or a nice bouquet of flowers.

For an anniversary, these Cute Couple Rings are also perfect. Whether it's your partner's birthday or the date you got married, your soul mate will be delighted. Better yet, you want to give these rings simply for the pleasure of giving? This is the jewelry that will make a perfect gift. Remember that giving and receiving a gift for your lover is only beneficial to your relationship.  Come back regularly.

There are many ways to give a couple's ring, the classic way being to give it as a gift at the end of a meal or an activity done together. You can also opt for a personalized box where you will display a photo of you two, a date or both your names, this act of love is super cute.
Or the most original solution is to make a kind of love treasure hunt, leading to your gift and therefore your new jewel of couple. It's a fun and playful way to enjoy this gift together.

Where to buy your couple's rings ? 

Taking the step of buying two couple rings is an important act for your couple. It will strengthen your bonds, and prevent them from cracking during the trials of life, such as a long distance relationship, moments of doubt etc... Why? Because these rings will be a visual means that will keep your love close to you.
It is therefore necessary to take this step with beauty and attention, of course My Couple Goal accompanies you in this choice, offering a collection of quality rings and constantly updated, to always provide you with fresh content and in the era of time.

We advise you to choose a store specialized in couples, since this expertise will help you to make the right choice, among the right products, where some generalist store will be less efficient.

How to choose the size of your couple ring ?

  • Know your size:

To buy a ring in your size, it is necessary to know how to measure it and to know your ring size. In fact, it is very simple, just measure the circumference of your finger. If the circumference is 60 millimeters, then you will need a ring size 60 mm. Everything is explained on each product, thanks to a size guide and our jewelry Couple store also has adjustable rings, which means that they are adjustable to your finger. On each ring jewelry, a size guide is set up to help you to make your choice at best.

Where to wear your ring ?

Having a couple ring is good, knowing where to wear it is even better. Here we give you some advice on where to wear these rings. You are free to choose which hand to wear it on.

  • The little finger : (or pinky finger) wearing it on this finger is very practical to get a message across. It is visible because it is on the outside of the hand. There is no cultural or religious reference associated. In addition to that, it is on this finger that the ring is the least intrusive.
  • The ring finger: wearing a ring on this finger signifies marriage. If it is on the right hand it means an engagement, on the left hand it means a marriage. The ring is most often worn, but a signet ring can accompany it.
  • The middle finger: very little used, this finger can be accompanied by a discreet and unobtrusive ring like a thin ring. Indeed, the middle finger is placed right next to the most used finger, namely the index finger. As for the little finger, it has little cultural or religious reference.
  • The index finger: being the most used finger with the thumb, a ring is rarely placed on this finger. In the past, rings were placed here to show membership in a community or family.
  • The thumb: again, rings are not common on this finger. In some cultures, they can refer to a person's wealth.

To wear a couple ring it is therefore preferable to put it on the ring finger. Again, this is just a suggestion and you are free to wear it wherever you like.

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