Couple Bead Bracelets Black and White


Show the Intensity and the Purity of your couples with these beautiful bead bracelet. The perfect ally to strengthen the bonds of your couple.

Strengthening the bonds of your couple on a regular basis is essential for its duration in time. Simple gestures allow it and in particular to have a Couple bracelet.

  • Fit type : Regular
  • Couple Virtue : Power, Innocence and purity
  • Content : 2 Bracelets
  • High-quality product
  • Unique Size

 Matching bracelets will allow you to share something more, it will be your common denominator and your compass when you are far from your loved one.

A real advantage to combat the distance and boredom that separates most couples. You prefer to reveal the strength and the simplicity surrounding your couple ? Let's discover our new Magnetic Couple Bracelets Devoted Love and all of our Couple Bead Bracelets. To find more inspiration let's discover the collection Couple Bracelets and Couple Jewelry.

The perfect black and white bracelets for couples

The most beautiful combinations of white and black are on My Couple Goal. A large choice of couples black and white bracelets is at your disposal, all at the height of your couple.

Black and white couple bracelet meaning

The combination of white and black reminds the Ying and Yang, apply this principle to your couple. Black will be the symbol of power, sexuality and mystery. On these Couple Bracelets The white on the contrary will represent the purity and innocence of your couple.

It's up to you to choose which side you are on.