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    7 products

    Couple Beads Bracelets

    Your favourites Couple Beads Brace lets are on My Couple Goal. Each combination of colors will allow you to reveal one of the natures of your couple, it is up to you to choose which one you want to experience the most. 

    Matching couple bead bracelets means a lot

    Having matching couple bracelets means a lot ! It shows your willingness to get closer to each other by having something connecting you. It's the best way to remember all the good times together. 

    When you are far from each other our bead bracelets will bring you closer in the most beautiful way, a small daily thought for your half. For more inspiration let's discover our Couple Initial Bracelets collection.

    A Love Bead Bracelet for a loving couple

    To celebrate your love, beads will be the perfect allies, simple and beautiful at the same time, they will reveal the most beautiful aspects of your couple. A way to get closer to each other while having style and class.