Couples Bracelets Initials

Couple Initial Bracelets

The Couples Bracelets initials are the best way to improve the quality of his couple, a small gift that will stand out, since it will be entirely personalized to your couple.

Couple bracelets with initials are the best way to improve your relationship

We just talked about making a personalized gift, but these matching couple bracelets initials go further since they will bind you. Each of you will have a bracelet with the initial of the other on it, a way to remember every day the love you have for your half and vice versa. The best way to improve your relationship over time. These bracelets will not only build and improve your relationship, but will also be the ideal accessories to fight distance, if you have to live at a distance during a given period. A very useful ally in this kind of complicated situation, which will remind everyone in a physical way the love that hovers in your couple.  

Why offer couples Bracelets?

Giving a set of initial couple bracelets, shows how much you care about the other person. It's an act of love that shows how much you want to move forward with your significant other. Personalizing your bracelets will make them even more unique. Indeed, putting your initials or your other half's initials on the bracelet, will give this bracelet a whole new dimension, much more powerful than if you had given a classic bracelet. 

How to offer this kind of couple bracelets?

First, there are several types of bracelets with initial, so it will be up to you to choose the best model for your couple, steel, with pearls, with a small cord or not etc. The choice of the basic model being made you will then have to pick what to engrave on the bracelet. There are many possibilities, generally the bracelets for couple are distinct, that is to say that there is a bracelet for woman and one for man. It's up to you to see if you engrave your initials on that of the other and conversely, or if you engrave your own initials on yours. You can also decide to engrave the same initial, indeed many couples have created unforgettable moments in a city for example, you can then put the initial of the city. In another register you can also put the month of your meeting etc... Everything is possible.
Once the design is chosen and the initials decided, you will have to leave us your instructions in the notes of the order, so that we can apply them to your order.

When to offer our couple bracelets?

The gift being decided it is necessary to choose the good moment to offer it, it is as important as the gift itself.
You can choose to surprise your partner and not wait for a particular occasion. This type of gift will accentuate the "thoughtfulness" of your gesture and will be extremely appreciated, since it is an unnecessary gesture, but one that you made of your own free will.
You can also offer it for a specific occasion, such as your anniversary, Christmas, his/her birthday, Valentine's Day or a significant event for your partner. Whatever the occasion, you'll want to bring it with flair for even more impact.
You can choose to offer it in a box, also personalized with one of your photos, or a gift box that will be out of the ordinary. Some of the couples who order from My Couple Goal also like to give their bracelets with initials, giving it a treasure hunt look. A way that is out of the ordinary and fun.

Where to buy the right couple initial bracelet?

Giving a bracelet of this type to your other half is a telltale sign, so it should be purchased in a place dedicated to this task. The best way to do this is to approach a specialist in the couple, most of these platforms are online sites, which often provide you with much more choice.
My Couple Goal, has been accompanying and supplying thousands of couples for several years now. Our collections are full of choice and allow our couples to choose the accessory that really suits them. Our collections, such as the Couple initial bracelets are updated weekly, to add, delete and modify content to keep it always up to date. 

Initial couple bracelets as the best gift for your lover

Every couple is looking for passion, love and joy. What makes this search sometimes complicated is the routine. Many couples let themselves be deceived by this routine and let a part of their flame go out. The best way to rekindle this flame is to do something that takes you out of your daily routine. Making a gift  of this kind is exactly what you need, since you will surprise your other half. 

To make this gift you have the choice with our Bracelets with initials for couples a collection designed to bring you a little closer to your half

The most beautiful couple bracelets with initials:

Here is a small selection of the most beautiful bracelets with initials that we offer on the site. This selection is based on the opinions of our customers after buying our bracelets. It is a selection that can help you in the choice of your couples jewelry. This selection is purely indicative, and we encourage you to look at our entire collection, to refine your choice little by little.

Beaded Initial Bracelet

Beautiful bracelet, which will take with it the virtues of the stones that compose it. It is a classic bracelet that will fit all situations and all your outfits. Couple Bead bracelets with initials is the perfect introduction to the world of personalized bracelets for couples. Two bracelets that are suitable for most couples and are of perfect quality.