Couple Bracelet Yin and Yang - Bracelet
Couple Bracelet Yin and Yang - Bracelet
Couple Bracelet Yin and Yang - Bracelet
Couple Bracelet Yin and Yang - Bracelet

Couple Bracelet Yin and Yang

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Reach the perfect balance in your relationship with the beautiful Yin Yang Bracelets for Couples. The perfect couple bracelets to strengthen your relationship.

Yin and Yang represent the two sides of a relationship, two parts that we must fully accept to grow our relationship. With these Couple Bracelets, show that you choose to accept this to your partner. 

  • Package content: 2 bracelets
  • Color virtue: Spirituality and passion
  • High-quality and classical bracelet couple yin yang
  • Regular fit type
  • Unique size for all adults

 The perfect bracelet couple yin yang

 These two bracelets will be perfect to ensure stability in your couple. Made of leather, they'll be robust in the face of life's trials and will be the perfect symbol for your couple.

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Bracelet yin yang couple : the signification

It is about complementarity in all fields. This complementarity concerns natural phenomena and the phenomena of the cosmos.
With its two black and white parts, the Yin & Yang is the perfect representation, not only of complementarity, but also of duality within the same entity.

The Yin nature, black, represents the night, the darkness and the moon. As for the Yang, it represents perfectly the light, the day, the sun.
The complementarity and duality between Yin and Yang proves that the forces that govern our universe are not only complementary, but above all indistinguishable, like your couple !


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