Papa Mama Loading Couple Shirts


Baby on the Way: Dad Loading Shirts

Embrace the exciting journey to parenthood with our Papa Mama Loading Couple Shirts. These shirts for couples are a playful and adorable way to announce and celebrate your upcoming arrival. Made from soft, comfortable fabric, they're perfect for maternity photoshoots, baby shower events, or simply enjoying this special time together.

  • Original Model: Designated "Baby Loading"
  • Quality Fabric: Slim Fit, Long Life Assured -" 185 grs / m².
  • Perfect Finishes : Manufacture of first quality.
  • Recommendation: Washing 40°C - Cycle
  • Materials: 65% Cotton - 35% Polyester.

To choose your size please refer to the size guide.   

Loading New Life: Couple's Pregnancy Shirts

Our Dad Mom Loading Shirts are a charming way to count down the days until your little one arrives. They're perfect for expectant parents who want to share their joy and excitement in a fun and stylish manner.

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