Matching couple necklaces heart


You are looking for a Couple Necklace that will please the person of your life? Then don't wait any longer and opt for our Couple Necklaces Broken Heart.

The perfect Couple Necklaces set to bring you a little closer to your half, an original and unique gift to finally have your couple jewelry. 

  • The ball chains (60cm) are made of 304 stainless steel alloy with an exceptional resistance and strength.
  • The pendants are also made of stainless steel 2.4*1.8cm
  • One model for men and one for women

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The Broken Heat is a very powerful sign for Couple Necklaces

 The symbol of the Couple Necklaces Broken Heart is very powerful for a couple. Each of you will have a part of the whole, showing how complete you are only when you are together. A Couple Necklace full of meaning.