Heart couple rings

Size (mm)

Rediscover the meaning of love with our Couple Rings "My Heart". A Matching rings set for couples representing a heart once put together.

The perfect gift for a loving couple. The symbol on these Couple rings is extremely powerful, the heart represented in two pieces shows that you are only happy and fulfilled when you are together so once the heart is reconstituted

  • Made of stainless steel for better corrosion resistance and low maintenance.
  • No need for maintenance, it resists water, sweat without getting damaged.
  • Ergonomic ring.
  • Delivered in a box on velvet cushions.

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The perfect heart promise rings for couples

These heart promise rings for couples with the very powerful symbolism, will know how to bring you a little closer to each other. You're thus allowing to think of your half at all times of the day.