What are Couple Rings?

February 24, 2022

What are Couple Rings?

 What are Couple Rings

Couples rings are one of the most requested items by jewelers after engagement rings - what is their purpose? What do they mean? When is the right time to give one? Where should it be worn and what does it look like?

Because they mean different things to different people, couples ring etiquette can be a little confusing. Our team of relationship experts has done some in-depth work to unravel the mysteries surrounding promise rings.

Couples and promise rings are symbols of the love, promise, dedication and loyalty that two people share. The shape and design of the ring itself, however, has a symbolism that must be the most faithful expression of its meaning, the personality of its owner and the relationship.

In this article, let's discover together:

- What is a couple's ring?
- Where do couple's rings come from?
- Who gives promise rings and why?
- When is a couple's ring appropriate?
- What should a couple's ring look like?
- Where to find the best couple rings?

After reading this article, you will know everything about the promise ring, the values attributed to it and its symbolism. Let's find out without further ado the meanings behind this couples' jewelry.

What is a couple Ring?

Simply put, couples rings are a piece of jewelry that a person wears to symbolize a promise they have made. It shows the world that your heart belongs to someone else and that you are committed to protecting and nurturing that relationship.

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It can be a promise of friendship between two people, or a promise of chastity or sobriety to yourself. Have you ever seen someone tie a ribbon on their finger to remind them to do something? An engagement ring, on the other hand, is a more formal, beautiful and permanent version of that promise - a constant reminder of a commitment you've made to yourself or to another person.

Where do promise rings for couples come from?

The concept of a couple's ring, as well as the more formal engagement ring, originated in 1215 when Pope Innocent III declared a mandatory waiting period between the engagement and the actual wedding ceremony. Couples intending to marry exchanged rings to signify their commitment to each other during this waiting period.

Values that are still relevant today

Today, the promise of future engagement is one of the most common reasons for giving a couple's ring. Couples who are not ready to take the engagement step can give each other a couple's ring as a promise of monogamy and a symbol of commitment in the eyes of all. This tradition began with men who were not ready at the time or financially to get married but wanted to commit to a partner until they could afford a wife, but today it has become a step before engagement for many couples!

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Who gives matching rings for couples and why?

Anyone can give a promise ring and the best part is that you can even give one to yourself!

A promise ring can symbolize many things: friendship, abstinence until marriage, an exclusive romantic relationship or simply the intention to get engaged.

As you can see, a couple's ring does not necessarily mean the intention to get engaged for all couples. Many couples exchange them as a symbol of fidelity or as a simple, sweet and intentional gift.

The couple rings set, a symbol of friendship.

Nor do these rings have to be reserved for couples as a symbol of romantic love. As children, we exchange wool bracelets and other tokens of our friendship. Why shouldn't adult friendships also have a symbol of loyalty and deep feeling? If you're looking for a way to express what a friend means to you, a couple's ring might be the perfect gesture.

A ring as a sign of abstinence?

Finally, another common use of couple's rings is as a symbol of abstinence before marriage. This use gained popularity in the 1990s, when Christians began promoting abstinence before marriage. When used in this way, promise rings are usually referred to as "purity" rings, and their popularity increased further in the 2000s when stars like Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers wore them in public, making them popular. You can choose to take a momentary abstinence pledge and buy a couple's ring.

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So whether you are buying a promise ring for yourself, a friend or a lover, there is no limit to what this jewelry can mean.

When is a couple's ring appropriate?

The truth is, there is no right or wrong time. Many couples choose to exchange these Couple rings because they are too young to get engaged. If you're eager to make a lifelong commitment to your partner, but aren't of legal age or aren't ready to get engaged mentally, emotionally or financially, the gift of a couple's ring can be a beautiful way to express your feelings and dedication.

A ring for everyone.

However, you don't have to be a teenager to want to give your partner a couple's ring. Couples of all ages and creeds exchange this jewelry as a symbol of purity, love and monogamy. If you are giving an engagement ring, it should be given at a time when you feel comfortable with your relationship being exclusive - for some people this may be a few weeks or months, for others, after the first year. Often, the further along the relationship is, the more likely the engagement ring is to symbolize the intention to marry.

A ring at any time.

Whether you give a couple's ring after the first few dates or after a few years, there's only one rule. Be clear in your intentions. Since promise rings can have many meanings and often serve as pre-engagement rings, your partner may assume your ring signifies a future engagement promise. If that's your intention, that's wonderful, but be sure to be sincere about what the ring symbolizes when you give it to him or her.

What should a Couple ring look like?

Couple Rings set

Rings with a different design depending on the situation.
Often they contain a heart in the band as a symbol of romantic love and devotion. However, as promise rings have taken on very different meanings, they can range from a ring set with precious stones to a simple metal ring. Just like an engagement ring, a couple's ring can be very personal and should reflect the personality of the wearer. A plain band is a great choice for making a ring more personal because it leaves room for an engraving on the band where you can write the words of your promise or your partner's name.